B2B Social Media Marketing

Neal Schaffer has graced BUS 638 with his presence.  Here’s what I learned:

  • Listening to online conversations doesn’t always require thousands of dollars with software.  Just use the Twitter search function or HooteSuite.
  • Every tweet is archived.  (In other words, be careful what you put out there.)
  • Expense of B2B/B2C social media marketing is time.
  • LinkedIn is where the decision makers are.
  • If you’re in an outward-facing role in your company, you should have a profile so someone can find you easily.  The LinkedIn search engine is more powerful than Facebook/Twitter.
  • Facebook ads vs. LinkedIn ads: On LinkedIn ads you can target down to the company and position.
  • In social media, there’s a lot of noise.  Pick and choose your battles.
  • Top 3 things we do on the internet: 1. Researching.  2. Emailing.  3. Social Media
  • Blogging doubles the chances you’ll come up on the search engine.
  • Top 3 business social media outlets: 1. Twitter.  2. Blogging.  3. LinkedIn
  • Sync your Google + page to your website.  Experiment!

Q & A Session:

  • What is a reliable source for social media?  Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, HubSpot, Radian6, The Wall (UK).
  • What kind of tone do you take with social media?  Business is not always sexy; however, some brands do require a bit of appeal.  Depends on the industry.  Make sure the content/tone match the audience.
  • What other methods besides LinkedIn hunting can help you get your foot in the door?  Collect LinkedIn data to help connect with people.  Map the social media, network with other people in the industry/company via social media tools (i.e. TweetUp, Google + hangout, webinar, etc.).
  • From a sales perspective, how do you “sell” someone without coming across as a hard sale?  Create a connection via data point or mutual connection and ask for the introduction.  Take the conversation offline and sell the “old way”.
  • How many hours do you feel is appropriate to be engaged in social media?  Establish a routine, which in turn develops an ROI baseline.  Spend the time to create content.  After a period of time, designate what catches and then develop from there.  Start small and build up.
  • How do you drive traffic to your blog?  Naturally, keyword search is going to increase.  When you start sharing other people’s content, is when you get noticed.  Start with a Twitter chat.  It’s going to take time and will grow slowly, but the more content and more activity, it will build.
  • What’s BranchOut and it’s significance?  Facebook’s version of LinkedIn: “I want to see if anyone I know is a lead/has a lead for me.”  Not really significant yet.
  • Will a Klout score be important for graduating MBAs?  It’s one metric, however, it proves your activity and engagement.  Also, how high are the scores of the people you’re RT.  KRED, Pure Index score are other metrics.
  • How uniform should social media profiles be if using SM for professional purposes?  This is called your public persona.  It shouldn’t be completely the same, the tone can be different, but know that 90% of recruiters are looking at your social media.  Stay on the safe side.

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  1. Thanks for the write up – and let me know if I can be of any help to you in the future!

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